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nylon / нейлон
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a tough, lightweight, elastic synthetic polymer with a proteinlike chemical structure, able to be produced as filaments, sheets, or molded objects.
The resulting hydrogenated compounds are starting materials for nylon and polyester intermediates.
Any nylon fibers sticking out at the top and bottom of the samples were trimmed with scissors.
Next the guards produced some straps that looked to be made of canvas or nylon with a buckle at one end.
nylon carpet
Parachutes sewn at home are made from ripstop nylon and use twill tape to reinforce its seams.
Recently, I was dismayed at Rowan introducing acrylic and nylon into some of their yarns.
Alternatively he has created a piece that uses the shape of a target; this is made from red, white, and blue nylon .
They found these blue and gray nylon fibers in Westerfield's home and two dozen of them in and around her body.
The pickup box was covered with a greasy tarpaulin held down by an equally greasy yellow nylon rope.
Her father guiding the play of the fish, her lifting the green nylon net in anticipation and finally the heavy weight in it.
the tent is made of blue nylon