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nuzzle / прижаться, тыкаться носом, нюхать
cuddle, snuggle, nestle, nuzzle
тыкаться носом
sniff, smell, snuff, nuzzle, nose
rub or push against gently with the nose and mouth.
he nuzzled her hair
Marissa, as usual, had woken me up this morning with a gentle nuzzle at my neck, and after a brief cuddle had gotten up, dressed and gone out to hunt for breakfast.
Both of the world's fattest cats came over for a nuzzle .
His habit was to tug her into his embrace, nuzzle into her neck and stroke his hands across her stomach.
Confused, I turned around, scanning the lunchroom for Justin and there he was, still grinning like a god, a new, different girl on his arm, nuzzling into his cheek affectionately.
The tiny buzz of a purr was coming from its throat as it nuzzled up against me.
I roll over and he nuzzles against me like a dog.
He gently nuzzled her neck, causing her to let out a small giggle.
Firstly, I watched queen wasps and bees gently nuzzling bricks and mortar in the sunshine, looking for the weakness that provides a new home.
His nose nuzzled her neck and he breathed deeply, savoring her scent.
Chris said nuzzling his nose against Star's neck.