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nutty / рехнувшийся, пикантный, вкусный
имя прилагательное
nutty, dotty, possessed, bugs, gonzo, crackers
spicy, piquant, savory, racy, pungent, nutty
tasty, savory, yummy, palatable, nice, nutty
имя прилагательное
tasting like nuts.
wild rice has a very nutty flavor
peculiar; insane.
he came up with a few nutty proposals
Flax seeds are tiny, golden, flat, elongated seeds, rather crunchy in texture, with a bit of a nutty flavour.
Each matzo is flame-baked in a traditional long oven for just sixty seconds to give them their incomparable crispness and subtle nutty flavour.
It has a delicate, fruity aroma reminiscent of apricots, a nutty flavour with a texture that's almost chewy.
This is the perfect dish to showcase the truffle's earthy forest floor perfume and nutty flavour.
Another day we make semi-freddo, combining the richness of heavy cream with bitter dark chocolate and the nutty flavour of amaretti biscuits.
I would have to do this nutty , wild, exhausting sort of dance where I would flail my arms and legs out with so much gusto I would eventually lose some of the bottled up energy.
The nutty flavour of the barley goes very well with the slightly exotic flavour of the mushrooms - a marriage made in Scotland.
They are stunning to look at and have a distinct, nutty flavour.
When heated and reduced, maple syrup can be used for delicate sugar work, often with more appealing results than white sugar due to the syrup's smoky, almost nutty , flavor.
This is a thick, nutty curry of chicken with cashew nuts, grated coconut, garlic cloves, fresh ginger, coriander, onions & green chillies.