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nutritious / питательный
имя прилагательное
nutritious, nutrient, nourishing, nutritive, substantial, trophic
имя прилагательное
nourishing; efficient as food.
like all spinach, it is very nutritious and best when young
This workshop will look at the link between nutritious food and general health and well being.
So eat nutritious food while you are pregnant for yourself and your baby.
They did get healthy, nutritious food even if it was all low-fat and low-calorie.
Sponsor a child to provide funding for education, health care and nutritious food.
It aims to tackle health issues and diet-related illness by increasing access to fresh and nutritious food.
No matter how tasty and nutritious the food prepared at the hospital, its meals can only suffer from a journey across the city.
The science is clear - organic food is no healthier, safer or more nutritious than non-organic food.
On the food arrangements, fresh and wholesome nutritious food will be cooked for the children.
The food was healthy and nutritious , and most of the Americans liked it, but wished for fresh food.
While snacking is perfectly acceptable, make sure snack foods are nutritious .