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nutrition / питание, пища, корм
имя существительное
supply, nutrition, food, diet, feeding, feed
food, nutrition, meat, diet, nourishment, eating
feed, food, forage, fodder, feed-stuff, nutrition
имя существительное
the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.
a guide to good nutrition
There is a direct link between nutrition and health.
Who says college students are out-of-shape party animals with no regard for basic health and nutrition ?
New and innovative genetic information will advance the science of human nutrition .
Becky Hemington did her undergraduate degree in human nutrition at the University of Guelph.
He thought a professional coach should be good at anatomy, medicine, nutrition , and other related subjects.
These clinics provide education on health and nutrition for mothers and monitor their children's growth.
clinical nutrition
Health, nutrition , and protein are now at the top of the agenda.
a feeding tube gives her nutrition and water
John worked in South America and the Caribbean throughout the 1960s as regional adviser in human nutrition .