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nutria / нутрия
имя существительное
nutria, coypu
имя существительное
a large semiaquatic beaverlike rodent, native to South America. It is kept in captivity for its fur and has become naturalized in many other areas.
A South American rodent, the nutria escaped or was released into the wild from pens.
A South American rodent, the nutria escaped or was released into the wild from pens.
McCartney admitted he used to wear fur in his early years of career, ... and he said, 'It's nutria '.
Extremely poor prices for nutria pelts have resulted in very little trapping activity.
One of the blond models came out wearing a coat made of something called ‘ nutria ,’ and Miss Castle described her coat as ‘every woman's coat, because it covers all unnatural protuberances.’
My favorite piece of wearing apparel is my 3/4 length nutria coat that I bought at the Red, White, and Blue Thrift Store for $9.95.
‘When nutria eat in an area, the ground just turns to mud,’ says Miller.
Hurricane Katrina dealt a blow to the nutria , the invasive rodent species that plagues the Gulf states.
Hurricane Katrina's path of destruction dealt at least a temporary setback to the nutria , the South American rodent species that is devouring wetlands along the Gulf of Mexico, according to experts.
Originally from South America, the nutria has devastated thousands of acres of wetlands along the U.S. Gulf Coast with its voracious appetite and prolific mating habits.
Nutria fur never really caught on, and after a few escaped into the Louisiana swamp, they bred like crazy and are now ravaging wetlands around the country.