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nutcracker / щипцы для орехов, щелкунчик, ореховка
имя существительное
щипцы для орехов
nutcracker, crackers, sheller
имя существительное
a device for cracking nuts.
The collection includes a ferocious Minotaur, the mythical half-human, half-bull, made from welded spoons, nutcrackers and windscreen wipers.
a crow that feeds on the seeds of conifers, found widely in Eurasia and in western North America.
Balda started studying pinyon jays and Clark's nutcrackers in the late 1960s.
Generally, a girl, Clara (Mary, Made or Masha in other versions), is given a nutcracker by her godfather, Herr Drosselmeyer, at a Christmas Eve party arranged by her parents.
It's the nut against the nutcracker ; the outcome is foreordained.
There's a Bible story which describes the use of the more gentle nutcracker principle that could be applied to the present situation.
You need a nutcracker , a large bib and a bowl of warm melted butter.
She knew that he kept a hand nutcracker in his desk drawer and on more occasions then one she had thought about stealing it from the desk.
This is not a primitive Walkman but a pseudophone, clamped like a nutcracker on the skull of its inventor, psychologist Paul T. Young, Ph.D.
Some people get the same pleasure with a nutcracker and a bowl of walnuts, but, believe me, those people are not reading in bed.
When I think of my professional life, I think of working inside the angle of a giant, open nutcracker .
But because the ligaments are so tight, the jaws couldn't stretch very far, and soon the ligaments would begin acting like the fulcrum at the hinged end of the nutcracker .
A rope-tow's a generous interpretation of what it really is; it's fondly called a nutcracker because the device that hangs around your waist clamps onto the rope in the same way a nut would be cracked open.