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nutcase / псих, идиот
имя существительное
psycho, crazy, loony, nut, nutcase, nutter
idiot, moron, jerk, wanker, nutcase, ament
имя существительное
a crazy or foolish person.
Or in some cases, they were just complete borderline nutcases with sociopathic tendencies.
And that was the central argument of the first wave of books about Eichmann; that the guy's basically a weirdo, a pervert, a nutcase .
It's hard to keep track of all the neocon nutcases that populate this administration's foreign policy shop, but this guy ranks up there with the worst.
Before I had the baby, I was completely oblivious to a whole new realm of nutcases in society: random strangers who want to touch other peoples' babies.
How dare the ITC even consider for a moment allowing the utter screaming nutcases who sell the awful lie of religious deliverance from such suffering to do so legally and publicly to people so weak they might just believe it?
When extreme ascetism was in vogue in the patristic period you had nutcases like Phibionites outside the Church and watered down nuts for ascetism like Tertullian within (till he left).
In light of the zealots on the other side I decided that it was best to interpret the bill of rights as literally as possible or risk having these nutcases fool around with the fundamentals.
Now, these guys are admittedly anti-war nutcases .
For ever and ever the trendies, the sophisticates and the beautiful people have painted us on the right side of politics as boring squares, joyless fanatics, religious nutcases , and monoethnic bigots.
The best part is that when we do have a change of government, that government will be able to function without having to pander to the nutcases in the ‘middle parties’.
The dismissive reaction of the Catholic Church spokesman - ‘God save us from nutcases like this’ - turned public opinion to her side.