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nursing / уход
имя существительное
care, leave, leaving, departure, maintenance, nursing
имя прилагательное
кормящая грудью
имя существительное
the profession or practice of providing care for the sick and infirm.
Minimum health care or nursing assistance is provided as needed.
give medical and other attention to (a sick person).
she nursed the girl through a dangerous illness
feed (a baby) at the breast.
lionesses who were nursing their own cubs
Other health care-related professions incorporate massage, including nursing , physical therapy, chiropractic, and osteopathy.
When we practice perioperative nursing , we make a statement about who we are and our value.
The nurses provide high quality nursing care, to give terminally ill people the choice of dying at home, where they will be supported by their families.
Sophie Mogotlane, PhD, is dean/professor of nursing at the Medical University of South Africa.
Minimum health care or nursing assistance is provided as needed.
Students will also be able to take advantage of physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and nursing and medical support.
the community health service provides home nursing
In the High Court the judge went further and declared that nursing is ‘health care’ and can never be ‘social care.’
Experts in psychiatric and critical care nursing were involved in the development and wording of items.
Training care givers in basic nursing , moving, and handling and facilitation of activities of daily living is feasible during stroke rehabilitation