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nursemaid / няня
имя существительное
nanny, nurse, nursemaid, childminder, baby tender, nurserymaid
имя существительное
a woman or girl employed to look after a young child or children.
Then she looked the young nursemaid straight in the eye.
look after or be overprotective toward.
I haven't got time to nursemaid you through these blips
I haven't got time to nursemaid you through these blips
Commander Laurel D' ken smiled wryly as the blue haired officer said to Allison, ‘We'll need to nursemaid them a bit but I think they'd be able to manage well enough.’
Elsewhere at Great Taplows life is not what it might seem and young Lord Harry's nursemaid , the beautiful and clever Grace May, has painful choices to make about her future.
Here, she's stuck in Westmount, hovering over a nasty, grumpy old husband, making her less of a life partner and more of a nursemaid .
Moreover, a one income family used to have a sort of safety net in the form of Mom, who could drop housework to become a nursemaid , emergency aid worker, or temporary wage earner.
Anne moved closer to Amelia, feeling like a little girl again as she nearly clutched her nursemaid 's skirts.
He wanted to look for Adam, not nursemaid some townie, but he understood what Roy was asking.
Leopold had a sister Dora who was four years older than he was, and the other member of the household was Aleathea Starling who not only was nursemaid to the two young children but also looked after the family home.
I haven't got time to nursemaid you through these problems
‘I prefer to be a babysitter than a nursemaid ,’ she has also reportedly said.