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nuptial / брачный, свадебный
имя прилагательное
marriage, marital, conjugal, nuptial, nubile, married
wedding, bridal, nuptial
имя существительное
wedding, marriage, nuptials, bridal, nuptial, espousal
имя прилагательное
of or relating to marriage or weddings.
moments of nuptial bliss
имя существительное
a wedding.
the forthcoming nuptials between Richard and Jocelyn
Traditional nuptial vows declare that a marriage will last until ‘death do us part,’ but technology now allows men, at least, to leave something of themselves behind.
Away from the mundane rituals, the couple preferred to plant tree saplings at the Pudupettai area in Salem city to mark their entry into the life of nuptial bliss.
While I'm not going on an actual Wedding Tour this year, my nuptial calendar is, as always, quite full.
The ranks have thinned in this third instalment of the American Pie franchise, which sees Jim and Michelle taking the big nuptial leap.
In May, Cromane saw the first of the 2003 weddings when Martina Stack of Stookisland married Nigel Clifford of Keel and Mary King of the Lake exchanged nuptial vows with Karl McCarthy
I watch a wedding party stroll down dainty Secretary's Lane to the registry office - Gibraltar is becoming a popular nuptial destination, thanks to the ease of obtaining a marriage certificate.
As far as I know, nobody has ever been injured or killed during a gay wedding - though what happens after nuptial bliss subsides, who can say?
The nuptial ceremony was celebrated by Fr. John Kenny, Westport and he was assisted by Fr. Sean Noone, Pullathomas.
Longtime pair Anita Campbell and Mark Lewis tied the nuptial knot this Saturday, Feb. 16 at Café de Ville, the exquisite eatery on 124 Street that Campbell purchased in 2000.
He was in attendance on the Duke at the marriage at Dover in 1673, and was given the suit and a waistcoat (now missing), together with a saddle and bridle, which were also among the nuptial accoutrements.