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nunnery / женский монастырь, монахини
имя существительное
женский монастырь
convent, nunnery
имя существительное
a building or group of buildings in which nuns live as a religious community; a convent.
You have to go to a desert, or to a monastery, a nunnery or an abbey.
Subsequently, Heloise was sent to a nunnery and Abelard to a monastery, but not before he was castrated for his sins against Fulbert's niece.
Here we were invited into a Tibetan nunnery , and on the outskirts, watched the arrival of pilgrims who visit the Muktinath temple complex that has structures sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists.
You have to go to a desert, or to a monastery, a nunnery or an abbey.
Close by was St Leonard's Priory, a Benedictine nunnery founded in the time of William the Conqueror, and mentioned by Geoffrey Chaucer in the prologue to his Canterbury Tales.
The princesses referred to their cloistered existence as ‘the nunnery .’
Isabel Thwaites was an orphan and had been placed under the guardianship of the Abbess of a nunnery at Appleton, near York.
While Suor Marie Celeste's father defended the book he wrote, outlining his ideas on a heliocentric universe before the Inquisition, his daughter's letters tell him to wrap up warm and request money to help keep the nunnery running.
So she takes herself to a nunnery , very conveniently as it turns out.
In one of these dreams, I was living in a nunnery in Tibet on a large white lake.
Lacock Abbey, built as a nunnery in the thirteenth century, survives largely intact despite several campaigns of alterations and additions.