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numismatics / нумизматика
имя существительное
имя существительное
the study or collection of coins, paper currency, and medals.
It has four boats and employs 60 divers, whose skills include archaeology, history, epigraphy (the study of inscriptions) and numismatics (the study of coins).
One side-effect of getting rid of 12 currencies simultaneously is an upsurge in interest in numismatics , or coin-collecting.
The first involved Ludvig Muller, ‘a handsome, sober man with a passion for numismatics and museums.’
Studying Thai numismatics it became apparent that there was a very significant event in Thai coin history in the mid 1800's.
His application of these to Weiss's materials on epigraphy, numismatics , and topography is jarring, but illuminating.
By the 17th century, numismatics , as it is known, was established as an important field of historical study and by the 20th century no major museum was complete without a specialist collection.
The numismatics gallery has coins collected from as many as 60 countries.
Those who think numismatics is a dull subject might be inclined to change their minds once they get to know about the details of this storehouse.
The late S.M. Shukla, an authority on numismatics from Mumbai, gave him a big part of his collection for a nominal payment.
Keith Sugden, curator of numismatics , said: ‘We have more than 100 pieces of his work, given by Mr Preston's daughter.’
It is Mr. Cherian's experience that even the teachers of history in our schools do not have a clear perspective on numismatics , or history for that matter.