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numerical / числовой, численный, цифровой
имя прилагательное
numerical, numeric, numeral, numerary
numerical, numerary
digital, numeric, numerical, numeral
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or expressed as a number or numbers.
the lists are in numerical order
An approximate numerical solution was then found by interpolation in trigonometric tables.
He also made contributions to analytic number theory, Diophantine analysis and numerical functions.
The Incas had developed a method of recording numerical information which did not require writing.
Does it even make sense to assign a numerical value to something as subjective as wine?
To solve this equation Guo used a numerical method similar to Horner's method.
In 1940 Wilkinson began war work which involved mathematical and numerical work on ballistics.
During the hearing of evidence and submissions, attempts were made to put some numerical values to these factors.
Fortunately it is possible to write computer programmes which can find numerical solutions to these equations.
And where a theorem may present some problem, he may always look down to the numerical examples for help.
Jacks, queens and kings have no numerical value; they cannot capture or be captured by addition.