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numeration / нумерация, исчисление, счет
имя существительное
calculus, estimate, numeration
account, score, bill, invoice, count, numeration
имя существительное
the action or process of calculating or assigning a number to something.
But why, in general, does mathematics education shy away from placing our decimal numeration into the framework of positional systems?
Without decimals, Europe would have remained trapped in the cumbrous Roman system of numeration .
Electronic Communications Service providers offer services for numeration that consist of the conveyance of signals over electronic communications networks.
I noticed this morning there seems to be an error in the paragraph numeration .
Although it first appears to contradict this order, the numeration of the houses is actually based upon it, originating from the two hourly ‘watches’ of Egyptian astronomy.
In some cases, the numeration following the B. subtilis sequence is also included.
The line numeration refers to the lines of the WB prism.
The flood victims waited for years for numeration but the ice victims were cared for immediately.
He attributes this to their clumsy numeration system, a hybrid of the Babylonian sexagesimal system and an additive system in which each letter of the Greek alphabet stood for one value.
In the 20th century the limited edition was the norm, with 50 or perhaps 200 impressions being printed, each with numeration and the artist's signature in pencil below.
In all those years that the boy learned the decimal system and in all those weeks that he learned the binary, was there no proper time to mention what positional numeration is about?