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numerate / считать, подсчитывать, обозначать цифрами
think, consider, count, feel, find, numerate
count, calculate, tally, compute, tally up, numerate
обозначать цифрами
numerate, figure
имя прилагательное
разбирающийся в математике
разбирающийся в точных науках
имя прилагательное
having a good basic knowledge of arithmetic; able to understand and work with numbers.
But there is a minimal number of skills and basic knowledge that make a person numerate .
In particular, businesses expect pupils leaving school to be literate and numerate .
We now have schools where barely literate and scarcely numerate children are being processed through exams so they can join the ranks of media studies and leisure management and sports development undergraduates.
Unless these children become literate and numerate their job prospects will be extremely limited, and a substantial proportion risk ending up either as unemployed or involved in crime, or both.
There are people with severe literacy problems who cannot find work, people dependent on alcohol and drugs, people unable to manage their ordinary lives or to ensure that their children become literate, numerate or even ambitious.
I will assume my home state of Missouri to be sufficiently representative of the nationwide trend; I note that any numerate person with a calculator and Internet access can perform the following analysis in a matter of minutes.
However, O'Neill and his team now want to sell the company's product on a slightly different basis, stressing the sheer variety of products it can offer numerate traders.
In those days, we were still turning out literate, numerate children - but my aim was to give them a love of learning, too!
We're one of the most literate and more numerate professions and we're highly adaptable.
I simply don't remember not being literate and numerate , just like I cannot remember not being able to ride a horse, but I suppose that I must have been taught by my parents, who were stickers for some of the oddest traditions.
By 10 they should be literate, both in spelling and grammar and numerate to all four disciplines of maths - addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.