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numeracy / умение считать
имя существительное
the ability to understand and work with numbers.
Once a need has been identified nursery staff can then give people information on where they can get help with literacy, numeracy or language skills.
For this reason, it was decided to teach literacy and numeracy skills to older members of the community.
Children play a number of different games with the cards which helps them in developing their literacy and numeracy skills.
They were looking for local individuals who had made a significant contribution to the literacy and numeracy skills of residents in the town.
numeracy skills
Another hidden group is people with poor literacy and numeracy skills.
At its heart lie core skills in computers, numeracy and literacy, with students given flexibility to choose the rest of their timetable.
The apprentice team already have literacy and numeracy skills at Year Nine to Ten level.
They took City and Guild courses in literacy, numeracy and personal skills.
Assuming basic literacy and numeracy skills, however, the voting process itself would not be all that difficult.
The minister committed to improving literacy and numeracy skills for farm workers and agri-businesses.