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numberless / бесчисленный, неисчислимый, не имеющий номера
имя прилагательное
countless, innumerable, uncountable, infinite, numberless, myriad
incalculable, innumerable, countless, uncountable, numberless, incomputable
не имеющий номера
имя прилагательное
too many to be counted; innumerable.
We meet Paul, 21, too prolific to count his numberless crimes, a specialist in scary ‘creeping burglary’ from night-time houses.
May he found a dynasty of true Britons, numberless as the sand on the seashore.
The conflict has caused numberless casualties - due to local restrictions it is difficult to report - and neither side has been prepared to offer any quarter.
Based on this principle, mica has been successfully used in numberless studies especially for AFM imaging of moving double-stranded DNA and DNA-protein complexes in liquid.
There had been what seemed like numberless sentimental settings of Cummings in the 1950s by American composers whose names I can't remember.
To the contrary, most so-called ‘breakthroughs’ rest upon immense foundations built by numberless scholars who have been cutting stones in that quarry for years.
Finally, successive planters and numberless locals got the jungle cleared; the Camellia bushes began to grow in Indian soil and the dreamed-of profits flooded in.
Kerry's invisibility was over: the flash of numberless cameras had brought him suddenly into being; his famous aloofness turned rapidly to gravity; his patrician manner seemed quickly apropos.
It's been a few hours without anything in praise of the numberless splendors of homosexuality, so the NY Times supplies something for that deeply felt need.
Seattle was won on the streets but the foundations were planned by e-mail and honed on numberless websites.
Yet, seemingly for the country's numberless poor, this is their only hope.