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nullify / аннулировать, сводить на нет, сводить к нулю
cancel, annul, void, revoke, nullify, abrogate
сводить на нет
nullify, negate, stultify, whittle down, whittle away, reduce to zero
сводить к нулю
nullify, destroy
make legally null and void; invalidate.
judges were unwilling to nullify government decisions
Doing so would nullify one's neutrality so to speak.
The lack of employees at any point in time does not terminate, nullify or invalidate a collective agreement.
judges were unwilling to nullify government decisions
The new law stems from a decision by the government to nullify a decision of the Court of Appeal that the Maori Land Court could hear claims relating to the recognition of customary interests.
If the combined effect is less than the sum of the individual effects, the relative interaction is ameliorative, competitive or the effects are said to cancel or nullify one another.
Contributory negligence could reduce the monetary quantification of the defendant's liability, but it cannot legally or logically nullify it.
The only way to counteract, or even nullify the effects of that drug is to take a dose of the antidote.
insulin can block the release of the hormone and thereby nullify the effects of training
While it is true that games offering over 100% payback are rare outside Nevada, this does not nullify the value of a strategy.
It would negate or nullify the property rights purchased by private investors in 1993 when New Zealand Rail was sold by the then National Government.