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nuke / ядерное оружие
имя существительное
ядерное оружие
nuclear weapon, nuke
уничтожать ядерным оружием
имя существительное
a nuclear weapon.
There's lots of data available online about suitcase nukes , and nuclear weapons generally.
attack or destroy with nuclear weapons.
We might stop an attack or two by nuking every Islamic city from Tangier to Islamabad - but, come morning, we'll have to look ourselves in the mirror.
Don't be afraid to nuke stuff that isn't interesting.
I really need to just shut off all the machines, nuke the leftover pizza and watch ‘Blind Date’ until my brains run out my nose.
There was constant hysterical invocation of an absurd counterfactual scenario: ‘What if he actually was planning to nuke us in 45 minutes?’
So, why not just use man-made nuclear energy and nuke the planet today?
I can make or disable virtually any explosive except a nuke .
We use technology in our cooking… we nuke stuff.
Death is death whether it comes in the form of a nuke , a bomb, a plane or an envelope.
Consider the absurdity: We risk escalating a worldwide nuclear arms race to nuke a shadow terrorist enemy whose most effective military action to date was begun with box cutters.
He asks Brigadier General Paul Tibbets, who dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima, how he feels when people say ‘Let's nuke 'em’.
In 1984, I participated in a war game featuring a Cessna rigged with a tiny nuke and flown by a suicide pilot.