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nuisance / неприятность, неудобство, досада
имя существительное
trouble, nuisance, unpleasantness, annoyance, mess, disappointment
inconvenience, disadvantage, discomfort, nuisance, uneasiness, discommode
annoyance, vexation, chagrin, nuisance, disappointment, shame
имя существительное
a person, thing, or circumstance causing inconvenience or annoyance.
an unreasonable landlord could become a nuisance
It was contended on behalf of the defendant that that failure amounted also the torts of nuisance and trespass.
They don't want to go along to annual general meetings and make a nuisance of themselves.
Under these laws, one may sue for nuisance , trespass, negligence, strict liability or product liability.
The White House listens to these outraged voices but considers them more a nuisance than genuine problem.
I live in Beckenham in an area populated by many foxes and, yes, they do sometimes make a nuisance of themselves.
The nuisance and bother that raises its head time and time again in Portlaoise did so again over the weekend.
But he does not have a cause of action in nuisance for his personal injury, nor for interference with his personal enjoyment.
it's a nuisance having all those people clomping through the house
The mechanically-propelled ones with an engine make a noise, are a nuisance and are dangerous.
In so doing they are creating a nuisance for residents, danger for themselves and a hazard for road users.