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nugget / самородок, комок, кусок
имя существительное
nugget, prill
ball, wad, clot, gob, nugget
piece, chunk, lump, bit, bite, nugget
имя существительное
a small lump of gold or other precious metal found ready-formed in the earth.
At one time, large nuggets of gold could be found lying on the Earth's surface.
In Socratic style he mines the best of each perspective for the gold nugget of truth.
But it can also reward someone who tripped over a gold nugget on their way to pick up some more lumps of asphalt.
There's wisdom in the words, and I let them settle around me, feeling as if I've been handed a nugget of something valuable, something that might apply to me.
No fact is to small to overlook, no nugget of information too insignificant to discard.
If you're able to endure this feeling of impending doom, however, there's a good chance you'll be rewarded at the end with a tiny nugget of hope and almost-joy.
But there may be gold nuggets at the bottom of the pan.
Gold nuggets by the pound were available from both the Lena River area of Russia as well as from Western Australia and Victoria, Australia.
Explaining the shape of gold nuggets has long been a problem, because they have neither the size nor the shape of gold fragments released from bedrock by weathering.
In the 1981 Sydney performance, gold nuggets , a gold boomerang, and a live diamond python rested on the table.
The Little House, at 32 Waterman Street, offers young children and their parents a play area and activities as well as favourite dishes such as cheese toasties, chicken nuggets , chips and toasted muffins.