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nudity / нагота, обнаженная фигура
имя существительное
nudity, nakedness, bareness
обнаженная фигура
nude, nudity
имя существительное
the state or fact of being naked.
scenes of full frontal nudity
My understanding is that there will be gratuitous nudity and madness at this event.
Yet, on screen, the sex scenes have remained distinctly cautious: no nudity , nothing smutty.
Sorry about the gratuitous nudity - I don't like wearing socks in the house.
His brush has found expression in subjects varying from nature to nudity .
They said they just felt that the explicit depiction of sexual activity and nudity was unacceptable.
scenes of full-frontal nudity
It seems that nudity is causing outrage again, this time in Wales.
Her photographs have mostly focussed on female nudity , the countryside, and dance.
There is a potent chemistry between the performers and an admirable ease with the full frontal nudity their roles demand.
scenes of full frontal nudity