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nuclear-free / безъядерный
имя прилагательное
denuclearized, nuclear-free
имя прилагательное
(of a country or region) not having or allowing any nuclear weapons, materials, or power.
a nuclear-free zone
Premier Chang Chun-hsiung also appealed yesterday to participants to remain calm in their campaign for a nuclear-free homeland and to be rational in their endeavors.
In the 1980s, cities across the country declared themselves to be nuclear-free zones, and antiapartheid resolutions were common.
After much political bickering and financial losses, a deal was reached to continue building the plant but to make Taiwan a nuclear-free nation in the future.
There's a strong feeling all around that the Czech government needs to take responsibility and keep Central Europe a nuclear-free zone.
If we are really a nuclear-free country, why is radioactive material going up and down State Highway 1?
Activists said that giving taxpayer's money to Taipower was contradictory to the government's goal of turning Taiwan into a nuclear-free homeland.
Can the Buddhist leadership call for nuclear-free zones?
Geraldton City Council is set to re-join the push to become a nuclear-free municipality.
But we should campaign for a European nuclear-free zone, for massive reductions in European military expenditure and against international interventions.
This momentous step means that one of Europe's leading economies will be nuclear-free by the time The Ecologist's 60th birthday arrives.