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nubile / брачный, достигший брачного возраста
имя прилагательное
marriage, marital, conjugal, nuptial, nubile, married
достигший брачного возраста
marriageable, nubile
имя прилагательное
(of a girl or young woman) sexually mature; suitable for marriage.
And, of course, as someone who has been without working equipment for most of his life, the presence of this nubile young woman causes him much inner pain, as she represents what he has never really known.
Certainly there can be no doubt about the sexual energy inherent in adolescence, since it is constantly exploited by advertisers who use images of nubile girls and boys to sell everything from jeans to Pepsi.
Much of the mystic vampire appeal certainly emanates from the overt sexuality of the core image of a male vampire sucking the blood of a nubile maiden.
Even nubile young Russians don't seem so attractive at that time in the morning.
I was perusing the latest issue of one of those male magazines, you know the type - glossy, cover shots of half naked nubile females and banner headlines screaming guarantees of hitherto unpossessed sexual prowess and financial muscle.
The company rumours about your stumbling antics with the nubile , young secretary have subsided, and Santa Claus once again brought you those lovely silk boxer shorts.
I hear this from medical professionals all the time; barely dressed nubile children disrupting their work environment.
We, the public, need to remember that hospital dramas on television, with their nubile nurses and minimal number of suffering senior citizens, are not reality.
Frankly there's something a little creepy about the middle-aged Orsino mooning around his studio, painting likenesses of the nubile Olivia.
Eager parents of nubile daughters from Patna to Pune, Jammu to Juhu, here's the London boy of your dreams.
The Church of England was established when the unhappily married Henry VIII wanted to marry a nubile minx named Anne Boleyn.