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nub / суть, шишка, утолщение
имя существительное
point, core, substance, heart, gist, nub
cone, lump, bump, knob, hotshot, nub
thickening, thickness, boss, bulb, nub, node
имя существительное
the crux or central point of a matter.
the nub of the problem lies elsewhere
a small lump or protuberance.
he pressed down on the two nubs on top of the phone
His sense nub , a small bump on his forehead, detected something strange about the air.
This was not surprising when the holding of multiple elective offices by male bosses was the nub of a tight patronage system that promoted the interests of male colleagues first.
a nub of gold
a nub of gold
The nub of the problem with the Government's social coalition is that it invites business to make a token contribution in the context of the Government contributing less than it should.
The nub of the issue is that Brian, a 14-year-old boy, was arrested and detained in what witnesses have said were violent circumstances.
The nub of the problem is the term District which allows clubs to transfer every season if they wish.
In his view, the nub of the referendum debate will be: ‘Do we want to be key decision-makers and players in Europe, or do we want to be in a sort of second-class status?’
The nub of the matter is that they start their crickety noises in the morning, at about 9 a.m., and this goes on until 6 in the evening.
However, the cost of quality assurance and accountability procedures is the nub of the matter.