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nowhere / нигде, никуда, некуда
anywhere, nowhere
not in or to any place; not anywhere.
plants and animals found nowhere else in the world
имя прилагательное
having no prospect of progress or success.
she's involved in a nowhere affair with a married executive
no place.
there was nowhere for her to sit
a place that is remote, uninteresting, or nondescript.
a stretch of road between nowhere and nowhere
Ah, you will say, but if publishers don't bother with small fry, then eventually they will run out of big fry, because the big fry will have nowhere to learn their trade.
It leaves some coach drivers with nowhere to park, aimlessly driving round the airport until their passengers appear outside the terminal.
Norm chartered a Leer-jet for a trip to a nowhere airport in North Texas, and he thought he needed a cover story.
A group of Farnhill mums, fed up with having nowhere for their children to play, have got together to raise money to update an ageing play area in the village.
The first guy got out; the second stuck around so we could drag out a nowhere relationship for a while longer.
Nothing leads to nothing, Nowhere stretches to nowhere .
That, and the fact that means there has been almost no new council housing built in the past 20 years, there is virtually nowhere affordable to live.
In particular, the Regulation covers the families of EC workers, which are nowhere mentioned in the Treaty.
Secondly I note you nowhere provide any argument for why we - the taxpayers - should fund these disastrous lifestyle choices.
Last year, doctors declared him well enough to be discharged but the family home in Aldermoor was unsuitable and nowhere big enough could be found.