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now / сейчас, теперь, ныне
now, presently, just now, anon
now, nowadays, presently, at present, currently
now, at present
имя существительное
настоящее время
now, present, today, nowadays, present tense
данный момент
when, as, just as, now
at the present time or moment.
where are you living now?
used, especially in conversation, to draw attention to a particular statement or point in a narrative.
now, my first impulse was to run away
used in or as a request, instruction, or question, typically to give a slight emphasis to one's words.
now, if you'll excuse me?
used at the end of an ironic question echoing a previous statement.
“Mom says for you to give me some of your stamps.” “Does she now?”
as a consequence of the fact.
they spent a lot of time together now that he had retired
имя прилагательное
fashionable; up to date.
seventies disco dancing—very now
National Organization for Women.
To be honest I've been looking at this for a while now , but only recently decided to go for it.
Blighty is sure that now he's drawn attention to it the English fans will leave him alone.
Climate change is a global problem that needs addressing now for the sake of future generations.
Go through this and a wide tarmac lane is now followed straight ahead for the next half a mile or so all the way back to Disley.
Talks will now be held to draw up blueprints for modern, accessible facilities for the town.
Lee Ryan is happy that he is free to speak his mind now that he is embarking on a solo career apart from Blue.
The hall requires care and attention now if it is to serve the community in the future.
I now write to request those who have not yet responded to do so as soon as possible.
Football has been a business for many years now but only recently has it been laid open.
In my world view, this life we are living right now is all we have, and thus every moment of it should be enjoyed.