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novitiate / послушник, искус, период ученичества
имя существительное
novice, novitiate, noviciate, obedient, probationer
probation, novitiate, noviciate
период ученичества
novitiate, noviciate
имя существительное
the period or state of being a novice, especially in a religious order.
Even in the golden days of my novitiate , such places were few and far between.
She enters from the left, posed as if she were a novitiate approaching the altar, her movements guided by her ‘double’ to her left.
The partial nature of such accounts of the research process can leave the novitiate insufficiently prepared for the actual experience of ‘doing’ research, which can come as something of a shock.
Do not get discouraged if in the early stages of your novitiate you cannot successfully translate these basic principles into practice.
He became a Trappist, sent to make a novitiate near Syria.
Her movement from the Roman Catholicism of childhood, through a brief novitiate , and on to Quaker and then Buddhist practice is not a rarity in these days of picking at the religious buffet of the twenty-first century.
Fresh from the novitiate she spent some early years caring for the boarders in Belmullet.
The convent countered that those sums had been for the year of her novitiate , but that her formal profession involved a new set of expenses.
The building is a fine example of a Victorian venerable property, built in 1881 as a novitiate for the Sisters of Charity.
His sister, Isabella, a cloistered novitiate , petitions Angelo for mercy.
Born and raised in a farming family at Kyledellig, he went to school in Aghaboe and from there to Tullow, Co. Carlow, where he entered the novitiate in 1942.