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novice / новичок, начинающий, послушник
имя существительное
beginner, novice, newcomer, rookie, recruit, neophyte
beginner, novice, apprentice, catechumen
novice, novitiate, noviciate, obedient, probationer
имя прилагательное
beginning, starting, novice, catechumen, entering, inceptive
convert, proselyte, catechumen, novice, converted, neophyte
имя существительное
a person new to or inexperienced in a field or situation.
he was a complete novice in foreign affairs
For novice users and people with cognitive difficulties, navigation must be intuitive and logical.
A friend who is a novice in an Episcopal religious order recently told me that she has no taste now for books of contemporary spirituality.
Persistent weeds are a common problem for both the novice gardener and the professional farmer.
Both were described in the future tense since both took place in the context of the Eucharist, of which the novice had no direct experience.
Only seven, he was one of the better novice chasers last season but there is hopefully a lot more improvement to come.
He was an officer in the Irish Guards before becoming a novice monk in the Benedictine Order in 1955.
he was a complete novice in foreign affairs
Apparently the horse jumped particularly well and his trainer expects him to make a big impression in novice chases.
Captain Christy, ridden by Bobby Beasley, remains the last novice to have won chasing's blue riband event.
He ended up losing to Michael Burgess, a medical doctor and political novice .