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novel / роман, повесть, новелла
имя существительное
novel, romance, affair, love affair
story, novel, tale, narrative, novelette
novel, short story, novelette
имя прилагательное
new, fresh, novel, renewed, recent, modern
original, ingenious, novel, own, individual, unorthodox
имя прилагательное
new or unusual in an interesting way.
he hit on a novel idea to solve his financial problems
имя существительное
a fictitious prose narrative of book length, typically representing character and action with some degree of realism.
the novels of Jane Austen
Four landers will explore for subsurface liquid water using a novel low-frequency sounding method.
Herman Melville's short novel , Billy Budd, is a complex piece of writing that deserves to be read on its own terms.
They are governed by logic and reason, and look with suspicion on any new or novel idea.
The novel idea aims to promote healthy eating habits for school children around the country.
Over a period of five months, about 8,000 people were infected by a novel human coronavirus.
When I was fourteen or fifteen I read a trashy romance novel called Perfect by Judith McNaught.
One novel idea is to attempt a mass centipede walk around the athletics track at the County Ground.
On a very practical level, however, what the biochemistry suggests is some entirely novel approaches to treatment.
a paperback novel
How long would it take to key in this exemplar of the disintegration of the cultural form of the novel ?