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nous / ум, разум, интеллект
имя существительное
mind, intelligence, intellect, wit, brain, nous
mind, reason, intellect, understanding, sense, nous
intelligence, intellect, mind, mentality, brains, nous
acumen, gumption, quickness, nous, sagacity, acuteness
имя существительное
the mind or intellect.
In antiquity commentators traditionally referred to this intellect as the active intellect, nous poiêtikos.
common sense; practical intelligence.
if he had any nous at all, he'd sell the movie rights
Students will take elements of the university's MBA programme because as well as having the technological skills, companies prefer someone who also has business nous .
What's more, South Africa, who have not been known for their tactical know-how in recent years, are showing a lot more nous under White's leadership.
At first the seeds lay mingled without order; but nous set the unarranged matter into motion, and thereby created out of chaos an orderly world.
McAllister's performances caught the eye of Liverpool manager Houllier, who was searching for an experienced campaigner to add nous and wisdom to his young midfield.
Fishermen rely on their nous and their knowledge, two things that will be useless in a time of change.
Indeed his new team-mates credited his nous as a key factor in their surprising but enterprising victory at Newport in the Celtic League kick-off a week earlier.
But it is hardly surprising - when just about every aspect of the curriculum is now prescribed by the government - that teachers feel impotent to use their own know-how and nous .
However, it was the power of nous , or mind, that not only created the world but also was the driving force in its day to day processes.
David Aaronovitch accuses the intelligentsia of prejudice, cynicism and a lack of political nous in criticising Tony Blair
At least they appear to possess more nous [common sense] than is often credited to viewers of that kind of program.