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nought / ничто, ноль, нуль
имя существительное
nothing, nothingness, naught, zilch, zero, ought
zero, nil, nothing, cipher, ought, cypher
zero, null, nil, naught, cipher, o
имя прилагательное
insignificant, paltry, little, small, puny, naught
useless, futile, worthless, needless, valueless, naught
имя существительное
the digit 0; zero.
It is a series of numbers, hyphens, naughts , strokes, and zeds.
he's naught but a worthless fool
But if I had pride in my learning, I had more in my desire not to remain where there was nought for me but the fading memory of my father's name.
It is home where the criminal attitude of the children towards women could be prevented and thus the crimes against women in the future could be brought to nought .
The driver tried to swerve out of he way but it was for nought : they hit the other vehicle head on and died in a blaze of fire.
Still, there was nought he could do, other than fight and survive.
One more error and all the good work she had done on Friday would be for nought .
The existence of a parallel common law right, whereby individual householders who suffer sewer flooding may themselves bring court proceedings when no enforcement order has been made, would set at nought the statutory scheme.
Their good work was set at nought a minute later when Kildare lost the ball in midfield and senior midfielder Martin McGrath raced through to stick the ball in the net four minutes from the interval.
Yet the courts of the land counted as nought this wondrous devotion.
We must not believe that the triumph of experimental science reduced to nought the dreams and ideals of the alchemist.
But if the proposition is that State amendment rules can displace and effectively set at nought the Commonwealth limitation, then we obviously would have difficulty and reject that proposition.