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notify / уведомлять, извещать, предупреждать
notify, inform, notice, advise, give notice
notify, inform, advise, announce, advertise, give notice
warn, prevent, notify, anticipate, notice, forestall
inform (someone) of something, typically in a formal or official manner.
you will be notified of our decision as soon as possible
I reviewed with her how to stop a nosebleed and advised her to notify me if the problem recurred.
if he does not notify the occurrences, he may be guilty of nondisclosure
The warnings notify him of his rights and assure him that the police are prepared to honor them.
As soon as these kids are seen in the town centre the police notify us and warn us, and we refuse them entry.
Dr Pugh said he had not been informed he needed to register with the commission, blaming officials for failing to notify him.
If the assignment is not notified to the borrower, there are additional risks to the parties.
For example, a person notifies us that their circumstances have changed but by the time the system catches up and updates their file, they have already received their next few payments.
Although well warned, she takes the letter in which she is notified that her benefits are to end as a personal affront.
Unfortunately, nobody considered notifying anyone else, and local and state authorities were soon deluged with calls from panicked citizens.
We were not notified of this meeting and we were promised a meeting with council officers, which has not happened.