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notifiable / подлежащий регистрации
имя прилагательное
подлежащий регистрации
имя прилагательное
denoting something, typically a serious infectious disease, that must be reported to the appropriate authorities.
Bird flu and Newcastle disease are notifiable diseases and must be reported to your local Divisional Veterinary Manager.
Sars is a notifiable disease and if these people want to try their luck I'm prepared to test the strength of our legislation regarding notifiable diseases and take action against them.
So normally we carry out a process where we have notifications from laboratories and emergency departments about unusual events or particular notifiable diseases.
Aids was not a notifiable disease, and therefore it was impossible to determine how many people had it.
Our role has been to provide information on how the smaller insurance schemes for notifiable diseases work at the moment.
Westmorland and Lonsdale MP Tim Collins said the disease should be made notifiable , which had been done in other countries, but that people should not panic.
Dr Anita Hatfield, of the North Yorkshire Health Authority, said the parasite was not a notifiable disease but they would certainly be told if there were outbreaks of illness associated with it.
The addition of Japanese encephalitis to the list of notifiable diseases comes amid concern after three cases within the past two months.
Those suffering from a notifiable disease must not use public transport, public laundries, or public libraries.
An outbreak of Newcastle Disease, a notifiable disease affecting poultry, has been confirmed in a number of pheasants intended for shooting in Surrey.
Tuberculosis is not considered to be a notifiable disease in India and hence routine health data have not served as the source of information for estimating the disease state in the community.