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noticeable / заметный, приметный, достойный внимания
имя прилагательное
perceptible, notable, conspicuous, noticeable, marked, appreciable
достойный внимания
worthy of note, noticeable, observable
имя прилагательное
easily seen or noticed; clear or apparent.
a noticeable increase in staff motivation
There was no noticeable difference in survival rates between flies from the two crosses.
The second noticeable phenomenon is the appearance of emotional patriotism.
More noticeable is the fact that he is obviously so much happier, and he has started being playful again.
There is a noticeable increase in confidence among staff who have been able to come back to work holding their heads high.
But it does not produce very noticeable changes.
But he said there had been noticeable differences on bus runs where pupils acted as bus monitors.
The most noticeable occasion was when two actors stood in arrested motion as they came through some swing doors.
The really noticeable difference in midweek, however, came off the pitch rather than on it.
Even more noticeable was the fact that no clear message came out of the anniversary.
One of the more noticeable changes has been his ability to stay away from off-speed pitches.