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notice / уведомление, извещение, внимание
имя существительное
notification, notice, announcement
notice, notification, announcement, announcing, advertisement, letter of advice
attention, note, care, consideration, mind, notice
notice, note, observe, remark, detect, mark
notify, inform, notice, advise, give notice
warn, prevent, notify, anticipate, notice, forestall
имя существительное
attention; observation.
their silence did not escape my notice
notification or warning of something, especially to allow preparations to be made.
interest rates are subject to fluctuation without notice
a displayed sheet or placard giving news or information.
the jobs were advertised in a notice posted in the common room
become aware of.
he noticed the youths behaving suspiciously
We can't just sit around, we have to do something a bit special to get people to notice us.
The employee was given his notice of redundancy on Friday, June 6.
Even Martin Harwood's death notice in Saturday's Observer contained a reference to ‘toad’.
she handed in her notice
For savers who are prepared to give notice before taking out their money, interest rates payable are generally higher.
I see now why he showed me all those theories, to get me to notice him, to get me to pay attention.
He did, however, have an innate grasp of public relations, dressing with flair so people would notice him.
He then held that these requirements were not fulfilled before 19th January 2001 when notice was in fact given.
The woman had brightened up amazingly when it had come to her notice that well over half the population where male.
Lunch and dinner are available on giving advance notice .