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nothingness / ничто, небытие, ничтожество
имя существительное
nothing, nothingness, naught, zilch, zero, ought
nothingness, nonexistence, nonentity, nothing, inexistence, nihility
nothingness, nonentity, nullity, nobody, cipher, prick
имя существительное
the absence or cessation of life or existence.
the fear of the total nothingness of death
the nothingness of it all overwhelmed him
She was just about to give up, to stay in the nice, cold dark void of nothingness when a light appeared before her eyes.
the nothingness of it all overwhelmed him
Indeed, it may be the fear of nothingness , of simply blinking out of existence which motivates many to take up their faiths.
Certain words drift into the realm of nothingness to be eminently forgotten.
You are the being that gives form, albeit temporary, to my nothingness .
With death, if he did not slide into nothingness , there would never be an escape.
Sleep has muffled the last few days into nothingness .
The hot weather we had last week deteriorated to gray nothingness here.
This absence of perception is absolute nothingness, the nothingness itself being beyond perception.