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noteworthy / заслуживающий внимания, достопримечательный
имя прилагательное
заслуживающий внимания
noteworthy, worth attention
noteworthy, notable
имя прилагательное
interesting, significant, or unusual.
it is noteworthy that no one at the bank has accepted responsibility for the failure
A second noteworthy feature concerns the role of the European Parliament.
Unfortunately these are nestled in an album noteworthy mostly for its blandness.
Twelve months ago we had some very exciting action with several noteworthy performances.
It is noteworthy that this number has remained remarkably steady over the past decade.
While the decor needs to be updated, this property has a number of noteworthy features.
This feature is as noteworthy for its censorship woes as it is for its content.
But it is primarily interested in making people think and does so with noteworthy relish.
A noteworthy feature was the wide variability in execution of the studies.
Next weekend is Easter and a noteworthy time for a number of reasons.
His words, astonishing and bizarre, are noteworthy , in my view, for their condescension.