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notepad / блокнот
имя существительное
notebook, notepad, pad, scratchpad, tablet, sketchpad
имя существительное
a pad of blank or ruled pages for writing notes on.
I take notes pretty frequently on notepads , but I almost never write entire stories by longhand.
Magdalena tapped the stylus against the notepad , her brow furrowed, and her dark eyes narrowed.
Unfortunately for him, he only had a small notepad and a rather scratchy fountain pen.
Duvall produced an electronic notepad and began tapping on it as he answered.
She smiled once again, and looked down at the digital notepad .
No writer, humorous or otherwise, should be without a notepad and pen - trusting an idea to memory is just asking for trouble.
Reaching into her bag on the floor, she pulled out her computerized notepad .
If a page becomes surplus to requirements then the paper version can be torn from the pad and the digital version erased from the notepad by using the X key.
She strung the yellow measuring tape around my stomach first, making little notes in a green notepad .
It has a digital notepad attached, for making handwritten notes.
She took out a notepad and a pen, staring silently at the blank page before she began making notes.