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notebook / блокнот, тетрадь, записная книжка
имя существительное
notebook, notepad, pad, scratchpad, tablet, sketchpad
notebook, exercise book, drawing block
записная книжка
notebook, diary, sketchpad, pocketbook, jotter
имя существительное
a small book with blank or ruled pages for writing notes in.
When at art college I much preferred flicking through people's notebooks and sketch books than their finished pieces.
In our notebook were pages of names and phone numbers of friends he wished to be contacted on his demise.
In short, it's easy to grasp what makes a Centrino notebook different from other laptops.
he copied the number into his notebook
Next, use the hardware profile to tell the computer it's a notebook with a docking station.
Crosswell had begun his own football novel, three handwritten pages in a notebook .
Their specialisms suggest the PC giant is buying desktops, notebooks and servers, respectively.
Books are open on every surface, and there are many pages of notebooks strewn around.
While she was opening her books and notebooks the girl didn't stop staring at him.
I had no backpack, had no textbooks, had no notes, had no notebooks , had no nothing.
Power notebooks and laptops are also the fastest growing area and they will also need electronics which will monitor and control the heat.