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notch / паз, метка, выемка
имя существительное
groove, slot, notch, recess, channel, mortise
label, mark, marker, notch, marking, score
recess, notch, groove, excavation, hollow, indentation
mark, flog to death, notch
делать выемки
scarf, channel, flute, notch
имя существительное
an indentation or incision on an edge or surface.
there was a notch in the end of the arrow for the bowstring
a deep, narrow mountain pass.
Short sections of dirt roads connect trails that usually wind through notches .
make notches in.
notched bamboo sticks
score or achieve (something).
she notched her second major championship
He swept his hands up and down the smooth sides, trying to find a notch or groove.
A notch or hole cut out specifically to fit a full mortise lock; it cannot be removed from the door by force.
I refused to be the fourth notch in his belt, the fourth girl he'd slept with.
Every serious hiker will want to notch this one up on their walking stick.
Having fun with the argument just edged it up a notch .
The lights suddenly dimmed and the pre-recorded music kicked up an extra notch .
On a bumpy water-based pitch, the aerial pass from the back proved a useful weapon and it was from this route that Nick Bluett was able to notch his 14th goal of the season.
They turned and then stopped in a recessed notch behind an outcropping along the wall.
It's my intention to drive the county, working with the community, up an extra notch .
Birds chirped, flapping in the swaying trees as the breeze picked up a notch .