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notation / запись, нотация, примечание
имя существительное
record, recording, entry, notation, note, registration
notation, lecture, lesson, homily, sermon
note, footnote, remark, notation, annotation, comment
система счисления
notation, scale of notation, scale, algorism
record, notation
имя существительное
a series or system of written symbols used to represent numbers, amounts, or elements in something such as music or mathematics.
algebraic notation
a note or annotation.
he noticed the notations in the margin
Consider arithmetic expressions in Common Lisp, which must be written in prefix notation .
Many schools offer recorder tuition (a wonderfully inexpensive, although sometimes annoying, instrument) and this is a good way to enjoy playing in a group while learning music notation .
I'd probably get in a notation on my permanent record for this.
This book is written in Aquitanian notation , a system of music writing that indicates precise intervals by arranging points and other marks on a series of horizontal lines.
To think in these terms - clearly derived from popular music practice - is to question an almost universal precept of music education systems, that students need to learn to read and write in music notation .
Their respective designers recognized the value of using one system of notation instead of many, so they joined together to create one language, UML.
‘Outro’, as opposed to intro, is a term which Merriam-Webster docs not recognize, but which is used as slang in music notation .
Familiarity with the rudiments of music notation and a certain degree of aural skills are important to the success of first-year music theory students, he says.
Globalisation has led to the system of notation to be used in Indian classical music, which will preserve music for longer.
We discussed his patents (years earlier) on musical notation , allowing sheet music to be printed out by computers.