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notary / нотариус
имя существительное
notary, scrivener
имя существительное
a person authorized to perform certain legal formalities, especially to draw up or certify contracts, deeds, and other documents for use in other jurisdictions.
It was drawn up by a notary and was a binding contract.
Completion is the definitive passage of the property title from vendor to buyer by a public document, or by private contract authenticated by a notary for the purpose of registration.
You could assemble two witnesses and a notary and sign the document yourself.
There's great ceremony to the final act of purchase, with sellers, buyers, bankers, lawyers and agents all meeting in a notary 's office to sign the deed.
In January 1998 there was a reconciliation formally recorded by a notary , the effect of which may have been to suspend the custody order.
The most frightening thing is that you do most of it yourself, so I found myself constantly drawing enormous sums of cash from the bank and handing them over to the tax office, the lawyer, the notary , the vendor and so on.
It was drawn up by a notary and was a binding contract.
When the holding of an auction was approved and the place and time were agreed upon, the notary drew up the conditions of sale.
The collection of the third portion of the harvest was often subcontracted to a third party, by means of a private contract drawn up by a notary .
These would be produced - to much hilarity - to notaries when signing legal documents and on other official occasions.
Given the vast amount of notarial records, the authors focused on 10 notaries at roughly ten-year increments.