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notarize / нотариально заверять, засвидетельствовать нотариально
нотариально заверять
засвидетельствовать нотариально
have (a document) legalized by a notary.
Shortly before Ben's birth we had drawn up a co-parenting agreement, and after his birth a lawyer reviewed, witnessed, and notarized the document.
The sales agent will generally schedule a second meeting to sign and notarize the estate planning documents proposed during the first meeting.
‘Now, Harold, notarize these,’ Sadie instructed the room.
Under the agreement, notarized documents must comply ‘with the appropriate document format,’ although that format is not defined.
If I had been travelling outside Canada, the letter would have had to be notarized .
The deed will need to be notarized and then recorded in the county deed records where the property is located.
Finally, the lease or its assignment will have to be notarised locally.
But the bank wrote back and said they required independent and notarized confirmation.
After gathering and notarizing signatures, SEP supporters had to spend additional hours sorting, addressing, stuffing and mailing petitions to local voter registrars.
It seems that you will not be happy until you have seen signed and notarised copies of consent to model forms.
The couple started keeping extensive notes and five notarized copies of everything they were asked to produce.