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notably / особенно, заметно, в особенности
special, especially, particularly, notably, specifically, specially
noticeably, notably, visibly, distinctly, notedly, observably
в особенности
in particular, particularly, notably, par excellence
especially; in particular.
a diet low in animal fat protects against potentially fatal diseases, notably diabetes
Some items, notably CDs, are nearly half price in certain eurozone countries, the group says.
One area of particularly rapid growth is that of organic baby foods, notably in Germany.
However police are very aware of recent world events, notably the volatile situation in the Middle East.
This unfortunately has caused some breakage, notably to the blog archives and to comments.
such a statement is notably absent from the government's proposals
What is notably absent is any of Laing's more recent figurative sculpture.
Even when industry seeks green alternatives, it can be hit by other factors, notably commodity prices.
The timing is notably off and the delivery comes across as blatantly bitchy.
such a statement is notably absent from the administration's proposals
Scotland Yard is also recruiting linguists, notably those who speak Middle Eastern languages.