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not / не, нет, ни
not, no, nix, n't
no, not, nay, nope, nix, n't
not, n't
used with an auxiliary verb or “be” to form the negative.
he would not say
used as a short substitute for a negative clause.
maybe I'll regret it, but I hope not
used to express the negative of other words.
not a single attempt was made
used in understatements to suggest that the opposite of a following word or phrase is true.
the not too distant future
имя существительное
a Boolean operator with only one variable that has the value one when the variable is zero and vice versa.
имя прилагательное
(of paper) not hot-pressed, and having a slightly textured surface.
I'm not knocking the luckless officer, who is going to be in trouble whether or not he had a beer.
I will be making my decision on whether to stand for Mayor or not in the next few weeks.
Remember though it is a skill and not everyone needs to learn, don't obsess about it!
The blue haired girl stood in silence not hearing a single word the doctor had just spoke.
'Was it worthwhile?' 'I think not.'
I don't go out much, I just sit at home and wait to hear if she's at the unit or not .
there was not a thing anyone could do
Please realise that not everyone in this country is as ignorant or shallow as these people.
And she was not allowed to leave the building through the front door for most of the day.
Anyone deemed unfit to travel due to alcohol will not be allowed on the coach.