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nosy / любопытный, пронырливый, носатый
имя прилагательное
curious, nosy, newsy, pry, nosey
sly, nosy, pushing, nosey
nosed, nosy, conky, nosey
имя прилагательное
(of a person or their behavior) showing too much curiosity about other people's affairs.
he had to whisper to avoid being overheard by their nosy neighbors
pry into something.
they don't nosy into your business like some people
They've just moved there, but nosy neighbours begin to wonder about precisely where her father is, seeing as no one's laid eyes on him for months.
State agencies and your nosy in-laws will know your every move, and if you are a target of one of those with access to the surveillance sphere, you won't find it easy to elude them.
‘People are nosy and instead of looking at your home they are spending precious moments looking at your photos,’ Lynne explains.
Nobody likes a nosy neighbour much less a nosy family member.
To that end, every evening the marina staff stretch a cable across the entrance of the harbor to prevent any nosy boaters from making uninvited pit stops.
In fact, arriving in the city at this time of day is perfect - a few hours to nosy around, have a quick bite and get to bed at a reasonable hour.
Sometimes it's the local fraud squad that fingers the cheats, sometimes it's a nosy neighbour, and sometimes it's just a matter of chance.
She knew better than to trust anything the nosy neighbor said.
You ought to have a talk with those nosy neighbors of yours!
Too late I realized it wasn't a nosy neighbour or friend.