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nostrum / излюбленный прием, панацея от всех бед, патентованное средство
имя существительное
излюбленный прием
панацея от всех бед
патентованное средство
proprietary, proprietary medicine, nostrum, officinal
имя существительное
a medicine, especially one that is not considered effective, prepared by an unqualified person.
This will allow the doctor to help the patient think through the pros and cons of such a decision, to avoid notoriously dangerous or ineffective nostrums , and to monitor for side effects.
His paternal grandfather made a fortune in the States with a nostrum called Brandreth's Pills, which still exist.
The fashionable City nostrum that you can have a single market without any social dimension is simply delusion.
This sounds like the pitch for a nineteenth-century patent medical nostrum .
All that means is that he is susceptible to every reactionary nostrum floated by right-wing thinktanks.
The trial has cost the Italian health service $5 million and no credibility remains in this anticancer nostrum .
The discourse coheres an apparently unrelated array of policy nostrums .
It wasn't just that he doubted whether such nostrums would deliver the promised effects although he did doubt this very much.
It is even less respectable when the economic nostrums proposed are no longer (after many intellectual and practical failures) presented as part of scientific economics but are frankly described as political economy.
When his own nostrums failed to effect a cure, William Griggs, a doctor called to examine the girls, suggested that the girls' problems might have a supernatural origin.
The search for a replacement cause brought with it shallow opportunism, the honing of public relations skills and a ragbag of nostrums , some of them purloined from its political opponents.