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nosedive / пике, пикирование, резкое падение
имя существительное
pique, nosedive, twill, quilting
dive, diving, nosedive, souse
резкое падение
dive, swoop down, nosedive, fall into a nosedive, dart downwards, dart down
имя существительное
a steep downward plunge by an aircraft.
I had to pull back hard on the stick as my wounded victory drops into a steep nosedive .
(of an aircraft) make a nosedive.
The airliner nosedived into Rockaway, about five miles from the airport, just after 9am.
Even though I was a good student, my grades took a nosedive because of my lack of class participation.
LTS thrust his throttle forward, sending him into a nosedive .
On balance, Pattaya's success is set to continue unless airborne tourism across the world takes a sustained nosedive .
The plane took an immediate nosedive , and managed to hit another plane below it while it was heading towards a one-way-meeting with the ground.
Then in 1986, oil prices took a nosedive and so did the profits.
Others may say that their careers took a nosedive from 1996 onwards.
It was in a nosedive , heading right towards them.
The dollar soared, the euro dropped, and gold and its shares took a nosedive .
Though 2000 was the year that telecommunications took a nosedive , Brightstar was banking $631 million.
In June, new orders took a nosedive , including bookings for capital goods.